The entertainment staff at Villa del Palmar sponsors a wide variety of on-site activities for children. The Kids Club program at Villa del Palmar provides many supervised activities throughout the day.

Kids in Paradise

The Kids Club is open from Sunday through Friday. The program provides lots of fun activities for children ages 4 to 12. Children can participate by the hour, the half-day or the full-day and lunch can be included. In addition, there is a Kids Club Party on Tuesday and Friday nights.

Activities are mini golf, tennis lessons, shuffle board, ping pong, bocce ball, pool time, and piñata making.

They have balloon painting, T-shirt painting, and painting of egg shells, stones and ceramics.

The Kids Club also includes water balloons, cooking lessons, making balloon figures, Mexican songs, stories, movies, board games, treasure hunts, face painting, clay modeling and indoor games.

Babysitting Service

In addition, babysitting services are available through the Entertainment Office.

Kiddie Pool

Villa del Palmar Kiddie PoolThe Kiddie Pool at Villa del Palmar provides fun in this pool with fountains for young children and their parents.

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