Villa del Palmar Cabo has a full-time entertainment staff who provide a wide variety of on-site activities for Villa del Palmar guests. As a result, everyone -- adults, teenagers, and younger children -- have many choices of things to do.

Daytime Activities

9-hole mini-golfDaytime activities at Villa del Palmar include pool aerobics, water polo, water volleyball, beach volleyball, tequila volleyball (winners and losers all get a shot of tequila), dart tournaments, horse shoes, stretching and beach walking, bingo (while you work on your tan), and water polo. Many of these take place around Villa del Palmar's lower pool area.

A 9-hole mini-golf course is located near the upper pool area. Clubs and balls are provided for 45-minute play segments.

Young and old enjoy playing shuffle board & ping-pong near the lower pool area.

In the Resort Entertainment Office are table games, a book exchange, and interesting magazines.

There is a fashion show twice a week around the lower pool area.

Various classes are also available – Spanish, scuba diving, bartending, and salsa dance lessons.

Children's Activities

Everyday the Kids Club program at Villa del Palmar provides lots of fun activities for children ages 4 to 12. Visit our children's activities for more information.

Other Activities

El Arco at Land's End, Cabo San Lucas.Monday nights are casino night in Tortugas restaurant, where different attractive prizes are won by the players.

The sunset cruises aboard the catamaran La Princesa provide a romantic and beautiful scenic cruise along the coastline of Cabo San Lucas with views of Land’s End and the world-famous Arch.

Dinner Shows

Almost every evening in Tortugas Restaurant there is a buffet meal and dinner show. These include Boogie Nights with an Italian Buffet, Casino & Karaoke Night with a Grill Cook Out, Mexican Fiesta (highly recommended!) with a Mexican Buffet, Let's Dance Show with a Fajitas Buffet, International Show with a Prime Rib Buffet, and the Caribbean Show with a Seafood Buffet.

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